IT.A.CÀ and its intercultural events

Hello everyone!

IT.A.CÀ – Festival of Responsible Tourism is going to start very soon! Here’s for you an overview on those events which are both in Italian and English, with exception of Green Destinations Day Italy that will be totally held in English. 

Let’s start with the “Covignano sparita” walk, on 17 September, during which we will walk up the hill visiting the historical places as they look today and, meanwhile, we will let you travel in space and time showing you albums of historical photos of those places as they were in the past. Let be fascinated by the accounts about the peasants’ old life on the hill. 

On the next day, 18 September, participate in the vegan desserts workshop organized by Loving Hut Vegan Cooking. This will be an incredible opportunity to get involved by Eve and Chris accounts on their physical and spiritual journey who led them to consider vegan cooking a tool for social integration and cultures sharing.

Last but not least, on 22 September, for the entire day, the international event Green Destinations Day Italy will be held in Rimini. The event brings together all Italians and international students of the degrees in Tourism, Environmental Sustainability and Service Management, as well as the tourism sector, public authorities and residents of Rimini, giving them (and to you all!) the possibility to learn about some initiatives of the Green Destination’s organization and about best practices from national and international destinations.You will also have the opportunity, in the afternoon, to participate in the workshop during which you will encounter, in a direct eeting, the experts on sustainable tourism and green destinations of the morning session. 

Don’t miss it!

Blog IT.A.CÀ
Valeria Lamanna
Tirocinante presso CAST – Centro di Studi Avanzati sul Turismo
Staff IT.A.CÀ Rimini

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